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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who will I be?

My best friend had WLS last August. She's lost from 277 to around 150. At the time that she had the surgery, she was a new mom with a 9 month old son and she was in a very destructive relationship with the baby's father. She ended the relationship a few months ago. It's been really difficult for her - her son's father is a complete psycho-stalker (she had to finally get a restraining order after he threatened her several times) - but she's managed to get out on her own and start building a new life for herself and her child. Would she have had the courage to leave if she had never had WLS? I don't know. Maybe not.

I've read about so many of my fellow WLS bloggers and how dramatically they have changed since WLS. Long-term relationships have ended .. new ones have begun.. people have new-found self-esteem and self-love and it's taken their lives in many wonderful and scary and exciting and completely foreign places. All of this leaves me wondering.. who will I be? How will shedding the "protective" layer of fat change my life, apart from the obvious physical aspects? How will my relationship change? Will Chris look at me differently.. as a person and a partner? Will I look at him differently? I don't think I will, but who's to know? Sometimes I think myself in circles about all of the ways that my body and my life will change. Is that healthy?

As far as the "process" goes, I have another appt for an endoscopy on August 11. Dr. U will take a peak and let me know if the ulcers have healed. I just pray that they do. I haven't taken any NSAIDs at all and I've taken the Protonix religiously, so I think everything will be ok. I have the sleep study this Friday night. I know it's going to suck, but if it will help me get approved by the insurance a little easier, it'll be worth it. I had my appt with the nutritionist .. to be honest, it was disappointing. She knew very little about the post-op diet and kept stressing "good carbs".. which I'll be consuming very very little of post-op. I expected to hear "protein first" and "chew chew chew" and "sip sip sip", but I didn't hear any of that. Thank God for the internet. Even more disappointing was the fact that I missed my psych appt because I LOCKED MY KEYS IN MY CAR after my nutritionist appt. (Why yes, I am THAT blonde) Thankfully the psychiatrist was very cool about it. I had a horrible vision of him deciding then that I would not be a good candidate because I was an airhead and couldn't keep a simple appointment. Anyway, I'll reschedule some time this next month. Sooo.. if all goes as planned (and it so rarely does), Dr. U should be able to send off for insurance approval after August 11. Keep your fingers crossed!


Blogger Dagny said...

Hey Danyele---I asked myself "Who will I be?" before my surgery. In fact, I had considered doing a documentary about myself and there was pre-surgery footage of me discussing that subject. (I didn't pursue it; good thing, turns out there was no medical drama.) It's a question nobody can answer right now but be prepared for MAJOR CHANGES! They will happen! Just let 'em unfold! And prepare your man for it too 'cos he's going to have to take the bumpy ride with you!!

It will be the greatest adventure of your life. Embrace it eagerly!

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