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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pretty on the inside

Something has been bothering me lately. Is it me, or are a lot of people really negative on the various WLS message boards, in blogs, etc? I can understand a little snarkiness.. I think we're all a little guilty of that now and then. But I'm talking about being downright mean or rude. I understand that many people who are post-op probably go through a period of adjustment .. maybe they've allowed people to walk all over them because they were lacking in self-esteem when they were obese. But I don't see that as an excuse to become an all-out bitch or to abuse other people once the weight starts to drop off. An example.. recently I was looking at a WLS community on livejournal. These two hateful girls had created an LJ community called "I_hate_*****" (person's name) to belittle a post-op girl. They posted some very unflattering pre-op pics of her and write a whole mess of nasty things about her. And I thought.. this is like high school all over again. Are the "nice chubby" girls trying to rediscover themselves by becoming the "bitchy skinny popular" girls now that they fit the body profile? How fucked up is that?!?

Anyway, I just needed to get that off of my chest..

As for me, I'm doing okay. I'm trying not to focus on "the wait" too much and just focus on enjoying what I have in my life today. On Sunday, we went to my girlfriend Katrina's wedding. It was wonderful - she was a beautiful bride. The weather was perfect. The wedding took place at this great German restaurant in San Jose.. it has a big outdoor patio area/beer garden, which is where the ceremony took place. Then there was champagne and yummy hors d'eouvres .. they served some delicious sausages and cheeses and pate... OMG. It reminded me so much of the food that I had on a trip to Germany and Austria a couple of years ago. Then there was a seated dinner (ok, I splurged.. jaegerschnitzel and spaetzle..mmm) and then dancing to a live German band dressed in lederhosen. I even got to slow dance with my honey. I had a blast! The best part was celebrating the new life of my dear dear friend Kat, who has been so very supportive and excited for me through this whole WLS adventure. Thank you Kat.. I love you girl!

Oh .. more good stuff.. today is my 18-month anniversary with Chris! That might sound silly, but since we met, we've always celebrated each month together. A year and half feels good.. still new and sexy, but comfortable. I'm thankful for that man every day that I wake up next to him, and I pray that we have a long future of waking up side by side.


Blogger SusanInCali said...

Hi Danyele!
I saw your post on the Cali Board today. Welcome, welcome, welcome!
There are a lot of great supportive people on that board.
Sending good thoughts that your ulcer is all healed so you can move towards surgery.

5:36 PM  

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